Skill Development Advisors

We are the virtual business development partner for training service providers in skill development industry. We help national & international training agencies in filling error free proposals , planned business development follow - up and we provide consultancy in operations part also.


Educating the training agencies / NGO / startups about skill industry and creating awareness amongst government agencies/ departments. 

Supporting and assisting the right training agencies to get the right business opportunities and to connect them with government agencies/ departments.

Become a single point platform and bridge of knowledge to fill the gap between training agencies and government agencies/ departments.


Creation of an ecosystem for social startups, larger social impact, and knowledge creation.

A single point research & business development platform - where you can get all available & live projects anytime you want.

  • Filter out the projects with your business taste.
  • Fastest notification update on announced projects.
  • Projects from more than 30+ Government Departments.
  • Projects from 20+ Funding Agencies and Corporation.
  • International Grants /CSR from more than 100+ Internal organizations.
  • Get Linked Empanelment Hubs.

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